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In Order to Transform, We Must Move



Dorian Cervantes is a professional Dancer, Fitness Coach, Choreographer, Fierce

Motivator, commercial actress, model, and overall chameleon of movement.

Her passion and belief that in order to transform the body , you must move, is a

simple but essential philosophy that was developed during her experience as a

dance major in college.

Despite zero formal training it was her raw talent, desire, and audacious attitude

that landed her a place in the dance department at Marymount Manhattan

College. She quickly realized that in order to achieve her dream of becoming a

professional dancer she would have to retrain every muscle in her body as well as

her mindset. She was not only competing with other dancers that had been

training their entire lives but she had to rival her own self doubt. Dorian decided

that quitting and giving up her dream was not an option. It is in this way she feels

connected to her clients, impassioned to watch them break through physical

barriers, and awaken their inner athlete just as she did. She has since performed

with numerous dance companies throughout New York City, has beena featured

dancer in film and television, and choreographed for Cine Mosaic’s major motion

picture, The Sisterhood of Night.

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Her devotion to the power of reshaping the body led her to explore different ways to condition it beyond dance. For the past 5 years Dorian has led classes in boutique studios and private gyms throughout NYC as well as conceptualized her two signature classes under the DORIANROCKSFIT brand. SHREDD AT THE PARK is an outdoor conditioning workout that went beyond just being a class, it developed into a community of likeminded BADASSES, who are passionate about fitness and supporting each other to reach their wellness goals. Cardio Dance You A** is a dance team

inspired workout that allows you to live out your half time performance fantasy. This class incorporates elements of hip hop, jazz, and 80’s inspired dance. What sets this apart from other Dance Cardio classes is the HIIT, use of heavier weights, and Dance team synchronized formations. Dorian is certified through the American Council on Fitness, T.R.X, The Kane School of Core Integration, and is CPR and AED trained through the American Heart Association. Dorian owes her will to survive and succeed in the city that never sleeps , to her deep seeded Tejana roots, humble upbringing on the Eastside of Austin Texas, unconditional love from her family, and belief in the higher power.


“I truly believe that my purpose is to inspire, and give people the tools to change their bodies and change their lives.”



Cardio Dance Your  A** off POP UP  classes will be launching in August 2016. Each class is $20 stay posted for times and locations.


Currently the class is taught exclusively at Club Fitness New York.

Come to Gantry Plaza State Park every Sunday for the month of June, begining June 5th.  SHREDD is a 55 minute program consisting of Agility Training, Strength Training, and Partner Work. Each session is designed to challenge the body’s endurance and strength at any fitness level. 10am-10:55am. $20 per person.

Corporate Wellness

Bring DorianRocksFit signature classes  to your next Ftiness Friday or Day of Renewal Event. With my customized group rate packages you have the option of having your team SHREDD or Dance their A** OFF . Each class ends with an added 15 minute guided stretch and breathing series. Please contact me for inquiries!


Dorian's training is an indispensable part of my transformation and continued health and fitness. I have become stronger and more in control because of her guidance and the necessary tools she has provided me in reaching my goals.

"The hard exhausting work in Dorian's class is always worth it at the end."

-Nyika Williams, Professional Basketball player for the Hiroshima Dragonflies 


"What I enjoy most about Dorian's classes is that, she's motivating you while working out and not only going through the motions. She's filled with positivity and really wants to get the best results out of her clients. Definitely one of the best instructors in the city!"

-Afam Muojeke,  Professional Basketball player for the Lagos Islanders


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