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My Fountain of Youth is Filled With Expensive Champagne

apparently I'm blogging now.


Whenever anyone asks how old I am(which is at least once every 2 weeks) it is always the same response "what? no way, you're joking, i don't believe you" . This is usually followed up with "how do you still look so young?" And I always respond by saying, I have really good genes or depending on my audience i give a reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray and say there is a portrait of me aging locked away in someones basement.....I don't get to use that reference very much. So at 37, yes I am 37, I without a doubt owe 50% of my "youthful" appearance to genes but here is the other 50% a list of what I consider to be the key to never getting old, at least this is what has worked for me.

1.LAUGHTER - I laugh all the time. I laugh hard and I laugh loud, very loud. Annoyingly loud, but some people find it charming?....I think. I don't take myself too seriously and I try to find the humor in almost everything. The science: it reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, and it works out your core, back, facial, leg, and respiratory muscles. Wanna six pack? LAUGH.

2. DANCING- well I have said it before and I will say it again, If it weren't for dancing I would be fat and dead. I know it's an extreme statement but it's true and you can ask any dancer, I am sure they would answer the same way. Dancing has always been my truest form of self expression and creativity. My body and mind cannot function properly if I am not dancing consistently. If I am not moving I am not living. The science: it improves brain function, and prevents dementia.

3.Have AMAZING SEX-yup let's talk bout it. If you are lucky enough to be able to connect with someone on such an intimate level where the sex is mind blowing you will def look young at least you will definitely glow. And if you are not in a position to share such an awesome experience thats ok. Have AMAZING SEX WITH YOURSELF!!!! There is no one else that knows YOU better than YOU. There are million scientific reasons to back up my statement, but ill just mention that it helps trigger DHEA which repairs the damage from the sun,smoking, and cortisol buildup. And it strengthens your core.Wanna six pack have sex ,even with yourself!

4.DRINK WATER-anytime I have ever looked like shit it was because I was majorly dehydrated. Our bodies are made up of like 90 percent water. Just drink it . Make it a habit. This is not an easy one for me , but the older I get the more I see and feel the effects of dehydration. So get your drank on.

5.TRAVEL-to travel is to live. Let me tell you I was L. I.V.I.N.G L.I.F.E in Paris. But seriously we travel to lose ourselves, to find ourselves, or to remind ourselves of who we are. It breathes new life into our souls, and creates a passion for adventure.This will keep you young forever.

6.FIGURE OUT YOUR CALLING AND PURSUE IT WITH BRUTE FORCE- All I have ever wanted to do is Dance, make dance, and teach. It was only natural that my love for movement led me to discover different ways to condition the body outside of dancing . I love what I do. I feel extremely lucky to be able to help people transform into better versions of themselves. And I still perform and choreograph. I guarantee if you ask someone if they love their job and they say no, they look old as hell. lol just kidding but not really.

7.SELF MAINTENANCE- we are only given one body in this lifetime so we have to take care of it. I will just rundown the list of must dos: get massages, take a nap when you need it, floss, get facials, wear spf everyday, moisturize, get mani pedis, especially if your a dude,don't buy cheap shoes, your feet are your foundation take care of them.

8.LIVE IN A HOOD YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE-we are directly effected by our environment. If you wake up everyday look out the window and hate what you see, MOVE! living somewhere you dont love will only add misery and stress to your life (that will def not keep you looking young in fact it will slowly kill you.

9.INDULGE- remember this is a list that has worked for me, I am not saying that this will work for everyone . That being said number 9 are my fave indulgences that I am convinced have aided in the preservation of my youth; drinking super fancy champagne, making out for hours, sweating my face off, karaoke, margaritas, and guac. All in moderation of course;)

10.GRATITUDE-being grateful leads to happiness and helps you to let go of unnecessary baggage .You will appreciate everything. People will see a light in you that they will confuse for you looking "younger"

There you have it my top ten tips.I could go all the way to 20 but I will spare you from having to read anymore. At the end of the day if you are happy people will see your spirit and that will always look young.

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