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I'm blogging again......kind of.

Tonight I played Formation by Beyoncé 3x in a row because I knew it was the only way we we're going to make it through the booty blast series tonight in Dance Cardio! (Btdubbs Everyone SLAYED TONIGHT! Way to bring your Monday Game, you all had Sasha Fierceness in your eyes)

The playlist for all of my classes is ESSENTIAL. It is the soundtrack that will carry you through the next 55 minutes of pushing your body to its breaking point, recovering, and most importantly, wanting to come back. The music I play is carefully chosen to inspire you to dig a little deeper and channel your inner Beyoncé ( because no one messes with the Behive) or Kanye ( because he gives zero fucks and his old stuff was Amazing!) Basically I choose music that makes you feel like a badass who can crush any obstacle that's put in front of them. My goal as your teacher/coach /DJ is for you to take this feeling of confidence, strength, and badassery with you once you leave the gym.

Although I create my playlists before each class, it is very rare that I stick to it the entire time. I can feel the vibe of the group as soon as they walk in. I know that at some point you are gonna need Tina Turner to help you with those push-ups instead of what I originally had on my list. So I switch it up! When I see the energy change and people go into a meditative state fueled by endorphins and Major Lazer, I know the class is in it to win it, or they are about to have a heart attack, JUST KIDDING . But seriously it's a very cool thing to witness your class transform into rock stars and kick major ass!

So here are the stages of the Dance Cardio playlist 1.Warm up:2 songs or sometimes a 6 min extended version. ( breathing stretching, firing up core and prepping muscles in the feet. 2.Intro: 2 songs that introduce choreographic themes and we fire up legs and glutes lots of squats 3.Meat:3- songs We go hard non stop, serious Cardio 4.Formation:2 songs, Dance team part of class. Move as a unit in different formation (fun part) 5.Conditioning:3-4 songs resistance training, body weight exercises, when people's arms and booties fall off. 6.Cool Down:1 song stretch, breathe, and be thankful you made it through.

So you asked for the playlist here it is, made with love and all of you in mind.

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